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Amigos Auto Registration SVCS. / Jose Rosas is not a licensed attorney to practice law in this or any state and it is prohibited to provide legal advice or representation to any person. The document preparation services registrant for Amigos Auto Registration SVCS. is

All Amigos Auto Registration SVCS. have deposited a Bond with the Secretary of the State of Nevada for the amount of $25,000

Jose Rosas  BOND # NV 5128742 Amy J. Aguilar Alfaro BOND # NV 57BSBIG22839 Maria de Jesus Perez Rocha BOND # 57BSBHP7443

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DMV Services

  • AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES has extensive knowledge in DMV services, always providing the fastest and best solutions.

vehicle with up-to-date car insurance


  • AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES will help you find the right coverage and the best option for your needs, come in today for a FREE quote.

public notary service
  • AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES We are ready for all your vehicle needs.

translation service


  • AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES utilize the latest technology for all your translation needs English/Spanish as well as any and all type of Documents .

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AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES has been providing motor vehicles services for 15 years.

AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES has been providing Motor Vehicle services to thousands of satisfied customers in Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada. Car registration, plates, titles, insurance, licences renewal and also moving permits are just a few of the many services we offer. Awaiting on line at the DMV! We provide all Motor Vehicle service, with a direct link to DMV, in a fraction of the time. 

AMIGOS AUTO REGISTRATION SERVICES ofrece servicios para vehículos a miles de clientes satisfechos en Las Vegas y áreas cercanas a Nevada. Matriculación de vehículos, placas, títulos, seguros, renovación de licencia y permisos son sólo algunos de los muchos servicios que ofrecemos. Todos los servicios de vehículos, con un enlace directo al DMV, en una fracción del tiempo.


Contact info.

           Email address.



           1121 Palm St, Las Vegas, NV 89104

           Phone Numbers.

           Office. (702)432-0017

           Cell phone. (702)501-1968

          OFFICE HOURS

          Monday to Friday 

          From 9:00 to 5:00 pm

          Saturday: Close

          "Closing times may vary depending in 

          DMV schedules"

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